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New specialist market concepts

For over 25 years, we have assisted Deutsche Telekom in the development, improvement and implementation of new roll-outs of our modular shop systems.

Telekom is using new multibrand concepts to gradually redesign its wholesale and specialist retail spaces into even more attractive points of sale and customer service.

IN-STORE TESTING ++ In Magenta Garden, Telekom products are showcased effectively in attractive furniture modules. Customers can put all products to the test at the Magenta SmartHome module, on Magenta TV and at the central display stand: All features can be demonstrated live, giving customers a comprehensive insight into product benefits. Four screens linked up to Telekom’s Content Management System enable every advertising message to be displayed digitally in real time at the POS.

INTENSIVE DEVELOPMENT ++ As well as producing and installing the furniture for this new market concept, we also designed and built the customer service counters. They were optimised to provide seating for one advisor and up to two customers. Our greatest achievement, however, was the Magenta SmartHome module, which required the integration of numerous technical components and actuators, such as radiator thermostats and LED lighting elements.



For customers around the world, a visit to the Telekom Shop ensures an unforgettable brand experience that underpins the brand’s global claim to excellence in technology proven by their innovative integration of state-of-the-art communication technology.

The concept of an intelligent shop offers sophisticated solutions to inform customers and present products on a wide variety of spaces.

CURRENLTY AT POS ++ We started by converting the Deutsche Telekom brand into an effective, modular shop system to successfully support their specialist trade. We took care of the entire rollout in Germany as well as for all subsidiaries across Europe. Moreover, we are responsible for the continuous maintenance of their systems.

MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATION ++ The integration of high-performance multimedia components, such as e-posters and touchscreen technology, keeps the P.O.S display fresh and current, allowing customers to interact playfully with the brand. Cutting-edge technology on brand and on target.

Facts & Figures

When Where The challenge Core activities Store designs Extent
Since 1998 Germany, Austria, UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Macedonia Sophisticated roll-outs, again and again: for example, Münch+Münch equipped more than 100 Telekom shops with new manufacturer columns with changing communication surfaces all within a 4-week production and delivery timeframe Shop Design, Shop Value Engineering, Shop Production, Shop Rollout International, Shop Services Shops, Shop-in-Shop 3,800+ properties since 2006


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60437 Frankfurt am Main

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