For many years, Münch+Münch has been a reliable shopfitting partner for Swarovski’s ambitious global roll-out. This partnership continues with Swarovski’s latest WonderLux concept, which is gradually being rolled out in boutiques across the world.

A FEAST FOR THE SENSES ++ The brand colours for Swarovski’s new WonderLux concept–blue, pink, green or yellow–are playful, colourful and bold. Soft textures like silk and satin on the furniture’s interior walls emphasise the concept‘s premium haptics and optics, creating an immersive multisensory retail experience that invites customers to experiment with the jewellery. An absolute novelty, especially for the luxury segment, is the open product display. Nothing is placed behind glass: All products are free to touch!

A NEW, POWERFULLY SYMBOLIC LANGUAGE OF LUXURY ++ Luxurious optics and haptics are part of Swarovski’s new language of luxury, the new concept “a homage to the light-flooded beauty of the crystals”. Based on the modern “eight cut”, the new shape of the brand is the octagon, a symbol of Swarovski’s craft and the power of new beginnings. Meanwhile blue, the most dominant colour in the new concept, stands for the vitality of water, an essential element in crystal making.

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For years, Münch+Münch has been a reliable strategic partner for high-quality interior projects of the Swarovski Stores. Through professional implementation of conceptual and technical Value Engineering, their rollouts and overall service meet the highest standards.


A multimedia tour de force

Swarovski forerunner store in London’s Oxford Street

At the London Swarovski store, interactive digital elements are integrated in the high-end basic furniture concept – a special challenge for software developers and shopfitters. These combine with the iconic crystal products to conjure up a unique fusion of art, design and technology that is equally alluring to all the senses.

In the video, people involved in the project provide fascinating insights into how the London store came into being.

Source: Swarovski

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Conceptual classic

Compelling design, perfectly executed

REFLECTIONS ++ 'Crystal Forest' is the name of Swarovski's new architectural concept for its stores and Shop-in-Shop systems. The design was delivered by award-winning designer Tokujin Yoshioka, renowned for his technical perfection and the use of light as a key design element: simple yet sophisticated works of art with a reflective, transparent and futuristic quality. Münch+Münch is Swarovski's strategic partner in the project's ambitious roll-out programme, in charge of the implementation of high-end store concepts in Europe, the USA, Asia, India and the Middle East.

PERFECTION PREVAILS ++ Conceptual and technical Value Engineering by Münch+Münch in close cooperation with the client and agencies paves the way to success: More Swarovski brands will be able to roll out with the new, sophisticated design and cost targets will be achieved.



In 1995, Swarovski established a location in Wattens, Austria, where crystals form the basis of a holistic experience. This fantasy world has since welcomed more than 14 million fascinated visitors. The combination of art and culture, entertainment shopping and culinary art, spread across different attractions for young and old, whether fans of crystal or art in general, makes the Swarovski Kristallwelten a one-of-a-kind destination worldwide.

Facts & Figures

When Where The challenge Core activities Store designs Extent
Since 2009 USA, Canada, Mexico, Asia, Middle East, Europe Implementation of high-end store concepts using a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model. Roll-out performance and service levels need to live up to the highest standards. Shop Value Engineering, Shop Production, Shop Rollout International, Shop Services Flagship stores, boutiques, Shop-in-Shop, Pop-Up stores
Design: Swarovski
More than 2,000 outlets since 2009


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