FOREVER BETTER ++ Since its founding as an independent family business in 1899, Miele has been bound to this slogan. The world-leading provider offers its customers high-end appliances for kitchens as well as for cleaning both laundry and floors and set the standard for durability and performance, ease of use and energy efficiency in addition to design and service quality.

STRONG PERFORMANCE ++ After intensive development, Miele launches its first bagless hoover, Blizzard. A striking furniture module from Münch+Münch provides the ground-breaking product with the perfect stage at the POS: The white-gloss platform with its concisely bevelled edges and the diverse lighting elements perfectly sets the cyclone hoover in scene. We are not only responsible for the design and manufacture of the furniture module, but also for the worldwide rollout.


Facts & Figures

When Where The challenge Core activities Store designs Extent
Since 2016 Worldwide Cost-efficient development of a flexible furniture module Shop Value Engineering, Shop Production, Shop Rollout International Shop-in-Shop (Module) 40+ Properties


Münch + Münch GmbH & Co.
Im Fuchsloch 8 (truck deliveries: Am Mittelpfad 6)
60437 Frankfurt am Main

T: 06101 5447-100
F: 06101 5447-120

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