SWAROVSKI FOR FASHIONISTAS ++ The jewellery collection of the young lolaandgrace label reflects the vibrant scene and refreshing individuality of urban women of the 21st century. Designed for the young, feminine target group, the lolaandgrace stores are eye-catching, too, thanks to their trendy design: Unique display walls. Furniture with lots of elements of glitter and glamour. Impressive light design. As an established Swarovski partner, Münch+Münch is in charge of value engineering and production for the first lolaandgrace concept stores in London. In the same way, Münch+Münch supports the client in the conceptual evolution as well as in refittings.

Facts & Figures

When Where The challenge Core activities Store designs Extent
Since 2011 Europe, USA, Middle East, New Zealand Exacting value engineering with tight time constraints
Compatibility of quality and cost aspects in the selection of material
Implementation of the complex lighting design
Shop Value Engineering, Shop Production, Shop Rollout International, Shop Services Concept-Stores, Shops-in-Shop, Outlets 5+ outlets


Münch + Münch GmbH & Co.
Im Fuchsloch 8 (truck deliveries: Am Mittelpfad 6)
60437 Frankfurt am Main

T: 06101 5447-100
F: 06101 5447-120

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