SETTING THE STAGE FOR THE WORLD'S LEADING FASHION BRAND ++ Traveller Shops and boutiques for the No.1 in high-end fashion: Münch+Münch is implementing the international expansion programme of Hugo Boss Traveller Shops, ensuring a consistent brand image at airport terminal outlets, which have to comply with strict airport security requirements. Fine-tuned logistical arrangements in more than 35 countries around the world are just one of the many challenges that are being accomplished. 

INTERNATIONAL ROLL-OUT ++Hugo Boss outlets in high-profile locations are characterised by the use of premium materials. Our specialist installers have been working throughout Eastern Europe to equip stores to the high standards required. The largest Hugo Boss store created by Münch+Münch is in Zagreb, with a floorspace area of 1,000 square metres, and was installed simultaneously with other boutiques.

Facts & Figures

When Where The challenge Core activities Store designs Extent
Since 2006 35 countries worldwide Particular technical requirements and safety standards for airport outlets regarding materials, logistics and installation; high-gloss surfaces in grand-piano quality to ensure consistent quality even when produced in series Shop Value Engineering, Shop Production, Shop Rollout International, Shop Services Flagship-Stores, Stores, Shop-in-Shop 160+ objects


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