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Mail room furniture for digitisation centres

As one of the oldest statutory health insurance institutions in Germany, the AOK serves more than 24 million customers at 1,350 branches throughout Germany. The NordWest division has now opened its digitisation centre in Hagen and fitted it out with mail room furniture.

SPOT-ON PRICING AND QUALITY ++ In a public tender for AOK NordWest we saw off the competition and secured the contract to design, produce, deliver and install the special-purpose furniture for the new digitisation centre. The furniture systems for preparing, opening, scanning and dispatching mail are required to meet the highest standards in terms of functionality, stability and robustness.

Facts & Figures

When Where The challenge Core activities Store designs Extent
Since 2018 Germany Electrically height-adjustable desk systems offering high standards of functionality, stability and durability Store Value Engineering, Store Production, Store Services Mail room Property AOK, locations Hagen and Düsseldorf


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